About Our University Research and Technology Park

As a Wexford Science + Technology property, the Hershey Center for Applied Research is part of a thriving network with connections to some of the country’s most respected research institutions.

Our strategic partnership with Penn State University and the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center offers domestic and foreign-based tenants access to advanced technology and other research resources, and immerses them in a climate of innovation.

With an ideal east-coast location convenient to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C., Hershey is an emerging research hot spot that offers a high quality of life and access to a well-educated and stable workforce. By leasing fully customizable research, manufacturing and office space while also providing integrated strategic business services tailored to each tenant, HCAR helps early stage to mature life sciences, nanotech and clean tech companies innovate and grow.

Mission of Our Research Park:

HCAR's mission is to provide state-of-the art facilities and access to needed business and research resources to assist in the advancement of high technology –based research and commercialization. HCAR supports science-based and high technology researchers, companies and organizations through their emergence, growth or mature stages within the global marketplace. It also facilitates the creation of new businesses through the transfer of technology and business skills among university, industry, government and non-profit institutions. HCAR’s collaborative pursuits position it as an integral part of a community dedicated to the purpose of bringing vital new life sciences and technology-based businesses to the South Central Pennsylvania region.

The research facilities at HCAR are among the most complete and advanced in the area, containing the only fully-prepared wet and dry lab space in the Mid-Atlantic region. Like any leading university research park, our tenants are given the tools and resources they need to succeed in their research efforts. Tenants at our research and technology park are working on some of the most cutting-edge scientific advancements in their respective fields, making HCAR an emerging hub of the research community.

The facilities at HCAR were designed and built to adhere to environmentally-friendly construction standards. Responsible development was one of the key principles upon which HCAR's research and technology park was founded. Our Development Guidelines provide the context for maintaining existing facilities and expanding in the future. Given many of our tenant's focus on the life sciences, we are keenly aware of the importance of reducing the environmental impact of our facilities as much as possible.

Building One houses the lab space, technology suites, and common areas for tenants of HCAR. The three-story structure contains over 80,000 square feet of available rental space for research teams of all sizes, from start-up companies to departments of Penn State University. A research park should not only foster innovative research, but also provide companies with the types of business services needed to compete in their field. The network of partners and contacts available through HCAR give tenants a significant advantage when seeking funding or new business opportunities

The professional staff at HCAR works with tenants to develop valuable relationships and business opportunities between tenants and our partner organizations. Business development is a key aspect of our research and technology park, and we aim to serve as much more than simply our tenants' landlord. We're committed to helping your business or organization flourish and advance; after all, when you succeed, we succeed.

History of Our University Research Park:

Members of the Pennsylvania life sciences and economic development community broke ground on the Hershey Center for Applied Research (HCAR) on April 19, 2006. One year later — Spring 2007 — marked the completion of building one, 1214 Research Boulevard. When 1214 Research Boulevard of HCAR opened its doors in May 2007, it also opened up the opportunity for the central Pennsylvania region to foster business and innovation in the Life Science, Clean Tech, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, and Food Science sectors.

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