Development Guidelines

The Hershey Center for Applied Research is a research park for the 21st Century – environmentally responsible, human oriented and aesthetically pleasing.

Located along Route 322 and Bullfrog Valley Road, it has a special responsibility to represent the community as the gateway to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The purpose of these Guidelines for Development is to provide context for making important decisions about future phases of build-out and for the ongoing management of the Center. They address both the general uses allowed within the Center and the site design - including lighting, signage and parking, building size and siting, organization of building groups into Courts and building concerns such as energy efficiency and the use of sustainable building materials. They are intended to guide development and management rather than to require a particular aesthetic. Innovation and creativity are encouraged. All design plans should be consistent with Derry Township zoning and land development ordinances.

Hershey Center for Applied Research Planning and Design Principles:

  1. Create a First Class Research Park: The Center should function as a cohesive campus. All buildings, site infrastructure and landscape improvements should contribute to the overall sense of place. The campus should have a distinct sense of arrival and character that supports the Center’s position as a first-class research park located in Central Pennsylvania.
  2. Protect Natural Resources: The Center should be designed and constructed to minimize its negative impact on the natural environment. Sound planning, design, engineering and construction techniques should be used to create a wonderful sense of place while protecting natural resources.
  3. Respect Regional Context: The Center should take cues from its context in architectural style and formal approach.



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