Locate to HCAR

At the Hershey Center for Applied Research, you'll find all the amenities plus so much more you would expect from a state-of-the-art high technology science center.

This engagement begins when you approach HCAR as a prospect. We assess your needs, opportunities, and challenges to locating your business in HCAR's science and technology park. We go to work to uncover the total value that makes your decision to locate here one that is easy and organic. This engagement continues as our prospects become tenants as we continue to look for ways to accelerate your business and grow within our park.

The engagement is often times direct or through facilitated introductions to partners. These services are tailored to each science and technology park tenant. For some it may be access to capital, for others it is assistance with business planning, recruitment of key personnel, or access to key service providers. We look at ourselves as a vital component to your success.

But HCAR is far more than just a landlord. We offer Class A facilities including wet/dry labs, Office, Clean Room, facilities and the expertise in design and finance to assist companies throughout the process, but it’s the extra services that make us unique. We are dedicated to the success of our tenant companies, and we offer a suite of strategic and business services that goes far beyond your average research park.

We also offer the unique advantages of the Center's close relationship with Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine, as well as Harrisburg University, Harrisburg Area Community College and Penn State University Main Campus. These institutions offer an array of research resources and opportunities that can accelerate the growth of a company. They also contribute to training the specialized workforce that high technology companies seek to build their organizations. Hershey also offers a location that offers an outstanding quality of life with a reasonable cost of living make HCAR an ideal place to locate your venture.

The location of any science and technology park is a key factor for tenants considering moving research operations to new facilities. Access to a skilled workforce and partners in a particular field or industry are major considerations for research companies and organizations. The difficulties involved in moving to a new location can be a hindrance without sufficient assistance from the science park to which a business is relocating. Fortunately for potential tenants of HCAR, we offer services to help overcome relocation obstacles and make moving a smooth, easy transition to new facilities.

Our science and technology park is located in Hershey, PA, and gives tenants access to some of the top researchers and organizations in a range of fields. As the emerging research hub in the region, Hershey attracts research companies and startups who take advantage of the highly-educated local workforce and the benefits of a great location. HCAR is leading the effort to advance research projects in Hershey and the surrounding area, and our Strategic Business and Research Services are tailored to help each tenant succeed in their industry.

With HCAR's Soft Landing Services, we help foreign companies achieve the goal of locating or relocating to the US and joining our science park as tenants. Our staff is well-versed in helping overcome the unique challenges of establishing a business in the US from outside the country. Furthermore, our services include valuable introductions to key industry players to help your company get off the ground and expand.

The proximity of HCAR to the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State Hershey College of Medicine gives tenants access to some of the best medical and scientific researchers in the country. Our close working partnership with the Penn State community opens many doors for companies who call the HCAR science and technology park home.

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