LSGPA Technology Suites Expansion Project Complete

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Linda Garisto

1,414 sq/ft of wet laboratory and office space nearly fully leased

HERSHEY, PA – December 11, 2009Having experienced a consistent stream of demand for laboratory and office facilities for early-stage companies, the Hershey Center for Applied Research, with grant support from the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA (LSGPA), recently completed the expansion of the existing Technology Suites facilities located on the 1st floor of Building One.

The expanded area which totals 1,414sq/ft includes one wet laboratory and four offices. The laboratory has been leased by ClawNor, and three of the offices have been leased by current HCAR tenants Apogee Biotechnology Corporation and Better Bowls for needed expansion space. Final negotiations are in process to welcome an Australia-based engineering firm which specializes in design of medical devices, complex manufacturing processes, and prototype fabrication for early stage companies.

The grouping of facilities that is referred to as the HCAR Technology Suites I project now totals 10 coordinated labs, offices, and shared space that is set apart from the other leased space. These flexible facilities provide an ideal environment for early-stage life science or technology companies that require dedicated wet laboratory and/or office space without committing to a long term lease.


“Resident companies are receiving facilitated access to academic-based services and equipment that serve to lower product development costs, accelerate technology commercialization, and shorten time-to market making access to capital and receiving revenue more certain,” said Laura Butcher, Executive Director of HCAR. “We are grateful for the support we have received from the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA which helped to bring this expansion project to fruition.”


To continue to respond to market demand for this type of space, HCAR recently submitted a grant application to the federal Economic Development Administration to support the construction of an additional six Technology Suites which could potentially be located on the second floor of Building One.

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