Hershey Center for Applied Research Becomes Premier Mid-Atlantic Science Park

Hershey Center for Applied Research Becomes Premier Mid-Atlantic Science Park

Owned by Ventas and developed by Wexford Science + Technology, the Hershey Center for Applied Research attracts cutting-edge researchers and businesses to its science park located nearby prominent cities and Penn State University facilities.

The Hershey Center for Applied Research, whose technology park includes a state-of-the-art 80,000-square-foot facility, is home to a variety of domestic and international research teams and businesses that further the advancement of scientific goals on a daily basis. The facility, located at 1214 Research Boulevard and constructed using earth-friendly principles, opened for business in May 2007.

Tenants include a variety of academic and private enterprises, including teams from Penn State University’s College of Medicine. HCAR stands alone in the Mid-Atlantic by offering both dry and wet laboratory space for lease to industries focused on the life and food sciences, information and clean technologies and nanotechnology.

A Science Park With a Unique Collaborative Culture

HCAR management operates under the philosophy that successful modern scientific enterprises require networking and collaborative opportunities in order to thrive. In addition to cutting-edge building specifications, HCAR prides itself on helping its tenants build positive working relationships with each other, resulting in a nurturing community in which growth and achievement is mutually beneficial.

HCAR Expansion Plans Underway

HCAR has set the standard in the Hershey, PA area for business office space and scientific research facilities. As a result of the spike in demand for accommodations, plans are now in place for the construction of Building Two at the 165-acre science park. The move to expand reflects the success and reputation of our research campus and innovative Building One, which currently includes the region’s only prepared wet and dry laboratory facilities.

The ability of all tenants to share resources, such as conference rooms as well as lobby and security expenses, enables each enterprise’s focus to remain on achieving scientific goals and results rather than administrative tasks. Tenants can utilize existing space as-is or request build-to-suit modifications in both Building One and Building Two. Building Two plans are in the development phase.

Building a Solid Foundation for Future Businesses

Construction at HCAR adheres to three basic principles that are in line with the project’s original goals and standards. The first and foremost guiding principle is the creation of a premier technology park with superior buildings, landscape and infrastructure in Hershey. Secondly, construction should adhere to green environmental attributes in order to protect the area’s natural resources. Finally, the site should reflect local architectural context, which includes its reputation as the gateway to central Pennsylvania.

The Hershey Center for Applied Research is now accepting new tenants that align with its goal and will benefit in its collaborative culture. Contact HCAR today to schedule a guided tour of the property, or inquire about office leasing and laboratory rental availability.

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