vivoPharm is a contract research organization from Adelaide, South Australia that provides a clinically predictive integrated preclinical services in different disease areas (with a focus on cancer) to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. With construction complete, vivoPharm now occupies 5,800 square feet space of building one at HCAR.

“The opening of our facility in Hershey represents the company’s biggest undertaking since our founding in Adelaide, South Australia almost eight years ago,” Dr. Ralf Brandt, CEO and Managing Director of vivoPharm said. “The size of the U.S. biotech and pharma market, the quality of the research and drug development activities performed in the region and the size and quality of vivoPharm’s future Hershey facility represent inflection points in the development of our company. We are very excited about this opportunity and the future we envision for our facility and the company as a whole.”


Dr. Ralf Brandt, CEO and Managing Director, vivoPharm

In your search for lab space in the U.S., what made HCAR stand out above other facilities?

We first heard about opportunities in Hershey through Angela Foley, Pennsylvania’s Investment Attraction Representative in Australia and New Zealand. Angela put us in contact with Jack Atchason from HCAR in 2010. After Dr Fernando Felquer, Vice-President of Global Business Development, visited the facility, we soon realized that HCAR and Hershey had everything we were looking for. After a few weeks of negotiations, the agreements were signed and we started working towards building our business in the region. The HCAR staff and Jack Atchason, in particular, have been exceptionally helpful in providing a link to the local community and to various sources of support and advice for establishing our business in the area

As you settle into your new space, what are your plans for marketing services to key audiences in the U.S.?

vivoPharm has already been quite active in marketing our services by several channels. Our experience has shown that being close to our customers is crucial to establish successful relationships. vivoPharm puts the needs of our customers above everything else and we aim to maintain the highest customer service standards that have become our company’s trademark worldwide. With a U.S. facility, we will be able to intensify our direct contact with new and existing customers.


Dr. Ralf Brandt
CEO and Managing Director, vivoPharm

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