Biotech Funding for HCAR Tenants

The Hershey Center for Applied Research is the leading research park for biotech companies in the region, with facilities equipped to provide the flexible research tools and technologies that high technology business rely upon. We provide tenants with state-of-the-art equipment and resources suitable for research across a number of fields of study, including but not limited to life sciences, clean technology, information tech, and nanotechnology and food sciences. With the only fully prepared wet and dry lab space in Central PA, HCAR attracts companies from across the country and around the world that are looking for an innovative, forward-thinking environment to grow their business.

Securing Funding to Reach Your Goals

Biotech funding is a crucial element of many of our tenants' success. HCAR provides more than just lab and office space – our Strategic Business Services are available to all tenants to give them the business acumen required to compete and grow their companies. Biotech funding can be elusive, especially for a small startup with great ideas but few connections to others in the investor community. HCAR bridges the gap, putting tenants in touch with capital investment sources and funding contacts eager to invest in innovative concepts and ideas.

Biotech funding includes more than just traditional venture capital. Contracts and grants are a growing source of funding for many startup companies, and HCAR has deep ties with organizations and institutions specializing in supporting advancements in biotechnology. Partners from across the state of Pennsylvania and beyond offer a great opportunity for securing the funding required to getting a company's research up and running.

Commercializing biotech research is a complex, often-lengthy endeavor, and HCAR provides the means by which companies can attract investors and institutional support. Our business services include frequent events, lectures and conferences which bring together some of the leading researchers in biotechnology today. The HCAR partnership with Penn State University allows our tenants to consult with members of one of the leading research institutions in the world, with a budget of approximately $100 million per year.

Once biotech capital is in place, HCAR is designed to help early stage ventures grow their business in natural stages. Our green campus is built for sustainable business practices that conserve resources, while our build-to-suit office plans help startups and early stage businesses access the facilities tailored to efficiently meet needs today and as they expand in the future.

Contact our professional representatives for more information on everything HCAR can do to put your biotech startup on the road to achievement. We have unlimited office space and lab rental solutions, in addition to dedicated business services geared towards helping biotech startups secure the vital funding, grants and capital investment needed to exceed long-term goals.