Biotech Startup Capital – An Essential Ingredient to Your Venture’s Success

Tenants at the Hershey Center for Applied Research include companies and organizations ranging in size from large businesses to biotech startups just getting off the ground. Our business services include strategies for helping every tenant succeed, and we're dedicated to working with companies to further their interests and open up new opportunities for expanding their operations.

Biotech startup funding is one of the main concerns for many of our tenants who are working to establish their business through innovative research projects. Of course, excellent biotech research requires biotech startup capital; after all, there's more to the biotech business than biotechnology. Startups succeed when their business plans are sound, they have adequate funding for conducting research, and they have access to a large network of like-minded investors and partners.

The staff at Hershey Center for Applied Research works everyday to make sure our tenants have the resources they need to find new sources of biotech startup funding. Our Strategic Business Research Services are tailored to assist each tenant on an individualized basis, assessing the needs and prospects of each company to develop a strategy for finding sufficient biotech startup capital and biotech funding.

Many of our tenants benefit from HCAR's strong working partnerships with groups across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our proximity to Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine fosters an atmosphere of collaboration; indeed, HCAR is proud to have the Penn State Department of Pharmacology, Office of Technology Development and Sleep Research and Treatment Center as tenants in our facilities.

HCAR holds events and conferences throughout the year on a variety of fields of study, bringing together leading research organizations and companies for informative discussion and valuable networking opportunities. Tenants find these events to be great ways to expand their business connections and potentially find biotech start capital.

Backing Our Mission with Biotech Startup Capital

HCAR, the premier source of state-of-the-art scientific lab facilities and modern office space solutions in the Hershey, PA region, was created to provide a new center of commerce for businesses working in high technology and the life sciences. We believe the work our tenants perform is important to the economic growth of our region, as well as to our general society. This is why we are driven to supply the support they require to achieve great things.  Often, all that is missing in a promising startup or early stage organization is the financial support to turn their vision into reality, making access to biotech startup capital a central focus of our comprehensive services.

Looking for the ideal place to launch your biotech startup business?

Contact HCAR to learn more about how we can help you develop an effective plan to attract biotech startup capital, and to schedule a tour of our business and technology campus.