Biotech Venture Capital Information

Few businesses can hope to compete in the modern marketplace without the capital needed to implement a new idea or product. At the Hershey Center for Applied Research, we leverage our relationships in the world of biotech venture capital to connect our tenants with the startup funds they need to get off the ground. With access to investors in all fields of biotech research and innovation, HCAR business services put your business on the path of growth and success.

Our Location Is Your Advantage

Located in Hershey, PA, HCAR has become a critical player in the region's biotech industry and community. Biotech capital can be elusive without the right connections; fortunately, HCAR tenants enjoy the benefits of being part of a much larger network of researchers and scientists. Our strategic location puts HCAR at the center of the area’s research programs, and is continuously fostering new relationships for the benefit of our tenants' businesses.

How Do We Help You Acquire Biotech Venture Capital?

HCAR partners with many local and regional organizations that are focused on developing and growing businesses in the area. The Pennsylvania Angel Network (PAN) works to connect angel investors in Pennsylvania with up-and-coming businesses. The Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania provides resources and funding to help emerging technology-based companies as part of a larger statewide network. We make it our goal to forge strong relationships with individual investors and organizations with the means and inclination to financially support promising ventures, and we are continually adding partners to our extended network of connections.

Founded by members of the Pennsylvania life sciences and economic development community, the stated goal of our research park is to foster a center for business and innovation in Central Pennsylvania. The business development specialists at HCAR help your business formulate strategies for finding and acquiring biotech venture capital at any stage of your business' growth. We cater to large companies as well as young startups, with flexible options for laboratories and research space to provide a great working environment.

Putting Venture Capital to Use

HCAR is home to many promising and innovative research organizations and high technology businesses. We not only assist our tenants in procuring venture capital, but we also provide comprehensive business support to ensure they reach their full potential. From formulating strategies for product exposure to acquiring highly-capable skilled employees, we provide a culture of collaboration that gives our tenants a competitive advantage.

Explore our resources here on the HCAR website to find out more about our biotech capital programs, or contact us today for a guided tour. Relocating to the Hershey Center for Applied Research is an excellent move for any company looking to expand its horizons and grow its research operations and programs.