Cost-Effective Facilities


Flexibility and creativity are the cornerstones of our lease/agreement structures at HCAR. We realize that our prospects approach us with very different needs and stages in their company’s evolution. We design facilities and agreements to accommodate this diversity. In addition HCAR offers shared services, facilities, and amenities that deliver maximum value.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur with a great idea, limited resources, basic needs, and require the most flexible terms on a small facility, or the most complex, sophisticated, advanced high technology company, with large requirements and ambitious timelines for completion, we can accommodate you in Class A facilities with Class A amenities.

HCAR offers maximum value in the high technology space we compete in. Our strategic location offers very competitive pricing, great access to many public and private customers, a talented pool of workers, and close proximity to other key geographic areas. We are located 8 miles from the capital of Pennsylvania and 100 miles from the US federal government in Washington, DC.

Our strategic business services and our high technology ecosystem will foster collaborations, uncover business opportunities, and will constantly be working for you. Our model is very different from that of a traditional business park, office building, or warehouse. Other options might be inexpensive, but their value will always be limited to the physical space.

Hershey, PA boasts some of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s best schools, a talented skilled work force, low cost of living, a family atmosphere, and big city amenities

If you are considering Cambridge/Boston, Washington DC/Montgomery County, Malvern/Philadelphia, and the Princeton Biotech corridor, please come take a look at HCAR. You will be glad you did.